Bringing schools together


We strive to uphold our responsibility to develop and demonstrate a positive Pendle; A reflection of our community which shows the strength of good relations and people who are advocates of a common goal of promoting cohesive communities. BBPendle has sustained initiatives which seek to build an understanding of diversity and create platforms where people come together for cross-cultural engagement and interaction. This also includes challenge those who would disrupt our communities through divisive dogmas.

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BBP has set out a clear structured approach on the importance Education establishments leading the way for young people to learn about different cultures; common values and how both Schools and young people can have a positive impact on the development of; Community relations and cohesion within a school and community environment through cross-cultural learning and experience.

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The Interfaith movement was the primary community need which led to the creation of BBPendle in 1989 as a volunteer-led movement. Our organisation continues to strive to this day in efforts improve Interfaith relations and to help faith communities to play a full and active role in civic and community life. We encourage faith communities to take the initiative of directly engaging with each other to form positive relationships and become more pro-active in the delivery of projects promoting cohesion, celebrating commonalities and tackling community needs.

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