Pendle Rise event 2Our Community-based Cohesion work has a long history in the borough and various projects have been running for over 10 years. Over the course of our work we have delivered both operational grassroots activities and supported strategic initiatives with statutory bodies.

Building Bridges Pendle has remained central to raising expectations, setting the benchmark for quality initiatives and pushing the boundaries in partnership work with the statutory sector at a local level; with intention of promoting the concept that in order to realise the common goal of having cohesive communities, challenges must be shared and positive efforts be supported and developed in collaboration.

Through partnership working with a range of agencies including; Community groups, Schools, Faith leaders, Police, Pendle Borough Council, we have developed and delivered a range of programmes to improve community cohesion and to increase understanding between different community groups via:

1. Community-based cohesion work.
We have been successful in supporting people from different cultures to interact and actively build bridges between each other. Our activities create opportunities and a safe space for people from different race and faith backgrounds to come together on a regular basis. A key principle that will run through all initiatives is to promote an understanding on cross-cultural issues through educational and social experiences, in order to build relationships between people and create more confidence amongst the diverse communities within Pendle and ultimately, Community Cohesion.

All residents of Pendle, regardless of their backgrounds are encouraged to get involved. Our activities are designed to ensure there is a balanced input from cultural, faith and non-faith perspectives in order to promote our status of neutrality and non-bias.

2. Targeted work addressing issues of extremism with at risk groups (Prevent).
We have developed and delivered various initiatives aimed at developing greater resilience towards divisive ideologies which are seeking to create mistrust, hatred and a whole range of negative factors in society. A part of this process also involved strengthening the ability of people to challenge and confront those within communities who overtly or covertly hold views that could be seen to supporting hatred and violence.

Much of this work took place under the Prevent agenda but certain aspects linked into an agenda of Cohesion and Interfaith.