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Community Champions

Building Bridges Pendle is running a local Community Champions programme that is bringing a range of activities to the area, with the aim of tackling the impact that Covid-19 has had on our communities.


The ‘Let’s Do It for Pendle’ campaign is working with local people to be at the heart of a united effort to overcome the impact that Covid-19; To lay foundations for longer-term initiatives that will seek to overcome challenges that lay ahead to fully to reclaim our livelihood and social freedoms.


A number of activities have been arranged with partners to engage with people across our Pendle community; students at Secondary Schools and Nelson and Colne College, residents of all backgrounds, Syrian refugees and Asylum seekers, older people and care homes, faith leaders and faith communities.


Do you have an idea to champion a project in your neighbourhood that fits with our aims and outcomes? If so, please get in touch and we can look at options to support you. 



Project aims;


  • To support a range of interventions to build upon, increase or improve existing activities to work with residents who are most at risk of Covid-19 - helping to build trust and empower at-risk groups to protect themselves and their families.


  • To deliver initiatives that will promote a reduction in the impact of the virus on all communities across Pendle. 


Project outcomes;


  • Build stronger relationships and engagement between communities, groups and local authorities where there may be tensions, mistrust or negative connotations exacerbated by the pandemic.


  • Build open, transparent dialogue over any local testing or vaccine deployment programmes within communities to address any misconceptions about efficacy and safety, counter misinformation, fill real knowledge voids and provide clarity on vaccination roll-out to build support and promote take up.


  • Increased visibility of Community Champions, volunteers and community groups to encourage more mutual aid and volunteer provision able to support local authority delivery.

Keep in touch with latest updates on the roadmap to lifting lockdown and related support for Covid-19 related matters;


"Take a mindful moment and listen to one of our sessions"



Community Engagament

Building Bridges Pendle has been a key player in reaching out to the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. At a time when Pendle was under the threat of facing increased local restrictions, we carried out a campaign to raise the awareness of the situation we are in and the importance of staying safe and following guidelines recommended by the local authority.

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg

The campaign involved going into communities and giving out free t-shirts, face coverings and hand sanitiser and speaking to people about the situation we are in. Knocking on doors to encourage people to get tested in order to reduce the rates in Pendle and holding digital community conversations around the issue. There was also the chance for young people to decorate and personalise a face covering with the help of Gosha Art.

This was all done in a positive manner hoping to motivate people in being sensible and responsible with the Lets do this for Pendle mind-set. By doing this we were able to reach out and speak to many people across the borough whilst visiting Nelson, Brierfield, Colne and Barnoldswick.

Community United

My Lockdown Sketchbook


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