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The People and Communities project will engage mainly Syrian Refugee families (but also include Asylum seeker families or individuals) in a series of initiatives that will support of a process of connecting with the wider community in relation to Integration, capacity building as ‘Community champions’ and an additional focus on personal development to become role models as inter-community educators.


Activities will take place at the Victoria Park Pavilion ‘Community Hub’.  This venue will be used as a fixed base for supporting a process of transformation; starting on a basis and challenge in the local context, that Syrian refugee families are in danger of ‘Self-Polarisation’ due to misinformation, false expectations and a lack of trust with the established sector. 


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Building Bridges thrives on building genuine relationships with organisations, volunteers and the people we work with. Throughout our twenty year history we have come into contact with many people who have become part of the Building Bridges family despite not still being physically linked to the area or the work. 


This was evident in November 2019 and our twentieth celebration which brought together past directors, employees, volunteers and friends. A special evening which combined the past and current members into a celebration of what the organisation has become. 


Anybody who is associated with us is part of the family and we value and appreciate the uniqueness of what each individual brings to the organisation. We are always open to new people joining our family and being part of what we do throughout the year. 


If you feel you could be part of the team and want to help Building Bridges in its mission of improving community relation and community cohesion please get in touch with us and we will be happy to meet you. 

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