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Good Neighbours Week

Good Neighbours Week is an initiative which takes place on a fix date during the summer season where a series of borough-wide coordinated events at the same time.  The aim being to bring a community agenda to a personal space, stressing that healthy, active and integrated communities start from the home and neighbourhood.   


GNW is a great opportunity where locally people can; 


  • Come together in a spirit of fun and community 

  • Create and build relationships to  enjoy on a regular basis 

  • Strengthen community spirit 

  • Realise the importance of their role in making their neighbourhood a good place to live 

  • Have conversations and become aware of needs of people in their area 

  • Become more willing to cross cultural boundaries in their outlook towards the wider community 


People from across various class, faith, race and age backgrounds engage in a process to personalise their local community identity and then celebrate it. These events could be a street party or a cleaning of the local area campaign, ultimately it will be local people who will decide what course of action they want to take. 


Building Bridges Pendle will work with local groups and organisations as a partner and also recruit and empower people to become proactively involved in the design and delivery of the GNW initiative in their ward.  


"It's about talking to each other and building on similarities. Once you build on simalarities you notice the differences less".

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