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Pendle 2050

This event is an opportunity to build upon the range of community engagement initiatives which have taken place during the year.  Pendle 2050 extends opportunities for members of the public to become a part of a process to take part in cross-cultural programmes looking at both short and longer-term changes we want to bring to the borough of Pendle in relation to Identity, culture and people. 


In partnership with In-Situ and The People Speak, participants are taken on an inspiring journey looking into the future aspirations of Pendle with reflections on past history and present opportunities and challenges. The format is fun and interactive where people from across the borough engage in a unique arts and dialogue engagement initiative. 


In March 2019 the event was held again but this time with a focus on young people. The event provided a platform for young people and local businesses to come together and explore the future economic development. 


Up to 100 participants from high schools, colleges and businesses across the Borough were invited to join us and imagine a date in the not so distant future, in order to discuss and visualise what the borough will look like in terms of work, career opportunities and economy. 


Events that bring people together for a fun and interactive game show style event looking at the future of the Pendle area. We have seen the coming together of people we have met whilst taking the Talking Society around the various towns in Pendle all come together under one roof for an evening. People enjoying both laughter and serious conversations over food and not wanting the evening to end. 


In March we saw students from the numerous high schools and colleges in Pendle come together and lead an event looking at the future in terms of opportunities in Pendle. Showing great maturity to share and speak on a platform with councillors, the leader of the council, entrepreneurs and community organisations. Having intellectual debates and discussions about what they want the future of Pendle to be like in 2050 and expectations they have of the local authority and business owners. 


We hope the Pendle 2050 events continue to provide people with the opportunity and platform to look and shape the future of our Pendle.  


"It just shows that there's so much potential, even in the more rural small town area and not just the big cities".

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