BBP has set out a clear structured approach on the importance Education establishments leading the way for young people to learn about different cultures; common values and how both Schools and young people can have a positive impact on the development of; Community relations and cohesion within a school and community environment through cross-cultural learning and experience


Our approach to Schools-based education and cohesion work has led to the production of a number of interactive learning programmes which are curriculum-based and run over a number of weeks, ranging from 5-weeks to 10-weeks.

Our Programme

All Education programmes have incorporated various aspects of curriculum within the context of Citizenship and provide enrichment to each of the partner school’s existing syllabus to enhance and add value to pupils Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

Our programmes and schemes of learning have been developed specifically for:

  • Key Stage 2 (Primary)

  • Key Stage 3 (Lower Secondary)

Our programmes are delivered on the ethos of asking pupils to reflect on the basis of common values which we share as human beings; we bring into the classroom an agenda of real world issues which pupils can analyse and discuss.


"For the first time, my daughter came home from school and said she had made a friend who was of a different colour to her".

A variety of methods and teaching styles are used through all of our education programmes. These include discussions, task sheets, power-point presentations, role play, debate, videos, artwork and involvement of outside agencies. A strong emphasis on empowering pupils to reflect on their personal attitudes towards the various elements which make up our multicultural society, remains at the core of our planning.

Our broad aims through delivery to reinforce a concept to young people that their actions and attitudes will impact on the future of community relations in their school or college, in their neighbourhood and in the wider society.


We present a vision of what the probable outcomes of their attitudes towards diversity will be – either they will grow up into a community where there is integration and cohesion, or they will grow up into a community where there is conflict, hatred, misunderstanding and division.


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