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Community Cohesion Action Network

CCAN is an initiative led by Building Bridges and Pendle Council. Bringing together over twenty community organisations with the intention of being active together in addressing community matters. Its aims are; 


  • To be proactive in pursuing opportunities for engagement on Community Cohesion matters; to network and share knowledge / good practice on local initiatives promoting integration.  

  • Capacity Building - To remain informed on local and national policy on Cohesion, Integration, Interfaith and Prevent agendas. 

  • To discuss local cohesion matters and developed a structured ‘partnership’ approach towards tackling challenges in line with resources available. 


The network meets 4 times a year at various venues and normally involve: 

  • Information and discussion 

  • Sharing of community concerns 

  • Response - points of action, partnership approaches to tackle issues 

  • Organisation presentations 

  • Networking  


As a result of the CCAN two organisations, Building Bridges and In-Situ have committed to working in partnership with each other whenever possible. The commitment is: 


  • To be proactive in pursuing opportunities for engagement on Community Cohesion. 

  • Where viable and feasible - incorporate matters as identified within CCAN into annual work delivery plans. 

  • To maintain organisation identity but collaborate on delivery of community development projects for public benefit. 

  • To negotiate and agree the sharing of organisational resources and expertise; staff, volunteers and finances in delivery of community projects. 

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