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Faith, Music & Community

Our first major event this year - Join us on Sunday 29th March for the ‘Faith, Music & Community’ event taking place at Marsden Community Primary School.


We are extending an open invitation for people to come together in a spirit of celebrating diversity and making a difference for the local community.


The programme will feature a fusion of music styles that reflect Pendle’s richly diverse communities, including Sufi Chanting, Choir Singing from local Churches, and a never before seen performance of ‘Dabkah’, a native folk dance from Syria.


There will be a unique opportunity for cross-cultural conversations and making friends. Guests in attendance will also enjoy a 3 course meal of Syrian cuisine made locally.


Places are limited and it is free to attend, please register your interest via telephone or email. This initiative is now running into its third year in partnership with the Free Spiritual Centre, St Luke's Church, St Bartholomew's Church, Lancashire County Council and Little Marsden Parish Centre.


"The simple commands of faith communities to love your neighbour are made into a realistic possibility".


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